We DEFINE, DESIGN, and DEVELOP new connected experiences
What we do
We specialise in building intuitive interfaces for smart, mobile and connected devices. With decades of experience in combining strategy, design, and development we create meaningful, innovative, and lasting products. Our developers live for design and our designers dream about technology.
Ideation, conceptualisation, and storytelling help us as we start defining the product. What problems does it solve and for whom? What are the key requirements for success? What are the key metrics to quantify? Through a compelling story that strengthens the unique opportunities of an idea, highlights the problems it solves, and clarifies how the product is differentiated against the competition, we create a solid foundation on which to build something truly special.
Great UX is what separates successful products from unsuccessful ones, lets small startups take on big corporations, and defines the market for years to come. Mixing the arts of interaction- and visual design, we detail the flows, screens and features of the product into simple, intuitive and great looking designs.
Our development team is cross-functional with competences spanning the full software stack, from low-level embedded programming, middleware framework design and development, all the way to front- and back-end web solutions.

Whether the product interface is an on-device screen, a mobile application, a website, or a combination of all three, we make it beautiful, intuitive and responsive. We know how to make the end results reflect the designer intentions and we understand how technical limitations will affect the design.
Who we are
A tight-knit team of multiple disciplines with decades of experience shaping and developing digital products at The Astonishing Tribe, Sony, and Blackberry.
Oskar Apelvi
Jonas Fredriksson
Johan Frej
Mikael Halén
Christofer Leyon
Johan Montan
Henrik Persson
Tobias Rydenhag
Jonas Thalin
Who we work with
Where we work
We reside in the beautiful and gregarious city of Göteborg, on the west-coast of Sweden, where the food is hot, the company warm, and a fika is never far away. Feel free to stop by if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. If not, you can always reach us via email or phone. We look forward to hearing from you.